Thursday, May 16, 2013

Meet The Authors!

Jacob "Jake" Berger (top left): It was Jake's idea to create the book that you're reading about. Jake joined his first band in 1965, and has been a part of the Charlotte music scene for many years. Some of the bands that he's been a part of include the Mighty Diamelles, Belmont Playboys, Phil Lee's touring group, and was a key person in the formation of Charlotte's own Spongetones in 1978. It is Jake's story that ties the book together, one of youthful days, the pains of growing up, and staying true to the music. Jake now leads the Mannish Boys, and lives in Charlotte.

Daniel Coston (bottom left): Daniel is the co-writer, editor, and overall shepherd for the book, and has truly enjoyed his experience in helping to put together this book over the last three years. Daniel is an internationally recognized photographer and writer, and currently lives in Charlotte, NC. You can also check out his own blog at


  1. It's been a long time comin'...and I'm so proud of you two!

  2. I loved the Paragons' article in Ugly Things.
    I did the bio. on the VI Pack (Ruffin, NC) and have written extensively about 60s garage and soul groups from Virginia, esp. the bands that recorded for Danville's Raven Records.
    We should compare notes.
    Where can I buy a copy of your book?

    Jack Garrett

  3. hi jack this is john irby daugther my email is send me a message so i can give you my fathers phone number thank u