Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nova Local, "If You Only Had The Time"

Well, dang.

In my feverous research on the Rock & Roll of NC during the 1960s, I was not able to find much on the Eastern NC scene. The internet is not always your best friend, either. Search different things in different ways, and nothing comes up. Search one name, and info on a whole city pops up, which is what happened in my Asheville research.

So it was that I was unaware of the Nova Local, a band that formed in Chapel Hill in 1964. After constant touring, the band got a deal with Decca Records, and recorded their (as it turned out) only album in New York City in the fall of 1966. By the time the LP, entitled Nova 1, was released, the band had split up.

In listening recently to Andrew Sandoval's Come To The Sunshine show, I discovered a Nova Local single that was released separately from the LP, and apparently did chart in North Carolina. Here's that single. Much of the band's LP is also on Youtube, and is really worth listening to.

My apologies to the Nova Local for not including them in the book, which they obviously deserved to be in. Maybe they'll be in the book's second edition, you ask? Well, quite possibly. Stay tuned and see. Until then, enjoy this great Nova Local single.
August 22, 2013

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