Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hello To Everyone That Heard About Our Book ON WNCW


Hello to everyone that heard me on WNCW yesterday. Yes, our book covers the Rock & Roll, Garage Rock and Psychedelic that was in Charlotte, and NC during the 1960s. This is the first book of its kind about this era of music in North Carolina. Here's the songs you heard on the show yesterday, all of which are featured in There Was A Time.

Grifs (Charlotte, NC) "Keep Dreamin'", 1967
Bondsmen (Durham, NC) "I See The Light", 1968
Paragons (Charlotte, NC) "Abba", 1966

You can find all of these on Youtube, and on Ken Friedman's fantastic Tobacco A Go Go series, much of which is available online.

To order copies direct from the authors, you can contact me at danielcoston (at) aol dot com. You can also order the book from Amazon here.

Thanks, and happy holidays,
November 20, 2013

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